Faculty and Staff Highlights

  • Dr. Terri Lewinson was selected as a John A. Hartford Geriatric Faculty Scholar.
  • Dr. Terri Lewinson is the recipient of the Dean’s Early Career Award, 2012.
  • Faculty have several books that have been published or are in press:
    • Beck, E., Britto, S., & Andrews, A. (2007).  In the Shadow of Death:  Restorative Justice and Death Row Families.  New York:  Oxford.
    • Beck, E., Kropf, N.P. & Leonard, P.B. (eds.) (2011). Restorative Justice and Social Work:  Skills for Dialogue, Peacemaking, and Reconciliation. NY: Oxford University Press. Will be translated to Japanese in 2014 by Akashi Shoten Press.
    • Cummings, S. M. & Kropf, N. P. (eds). (2008). The Handbook of Psychosocial Interventions for Older Adults: Evidence Based Approaches.  NY:  Haworth.
    • Greene, R., Cohen, H., Galambos, C., & Kropf, N.P. (2007).  Foundations of Social Work Practice in the Field of Aging: A Competency-Based Approach.  Silver Spring:  NASW Press
    • Greene, R. R. & Kropf, N. P. (2009). Human Behavior Theory: A Diversity Framework (2nd ed.). Transaction Pub.
    • Weil, M., Reisch, M., & Ohmer, M.L. (editors). The Handbook of Community Practice, 2nd edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.
    • Wertheimer, M. (2013 2nd Edition).  The Board Chair Handbook.  Washington, D.C.: BoardSource